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Types of Contractors

Are you getting ready to start your kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or Home Improvement project? Well, there could be a couple of different contractors and pros that you may need. this article is to help you decipher which contractors do want and what contractors you may need, this way you can get your project off the ground and completed in no time.

General contractor

First let's start with the most important team member that you need, the general contractor.

The general contractor is a contractor who is able to handle the entire project from Demolition to electrical and Plumbing, tile, flooring, interior painting, and structural changes.

this contractor sometimes is just a solo person company who acts more as a project manager and uses different subcontractors that he has personally vetted and trusted over time. With these types of contractors that have a good reputation your guarantee that your project will run as smoothly as possible and get done in a timely manner.

Sometimes these contractors have their own employees that are what I like to call remodel experts. Instead of hiring say a tile installer, a flooring installer, a painter, as well as a plumber, these employees are able to do all of the above without having to hire route, multiple subcontractors.

This is the general contractor that you want to have, these are the ones that if they're able to run their crews effectively your project will get done In the most efficient manner.


Everybody knows what a plumber is, the plumber is the person who handles any type of piping or finishes material that involves water. The plumber is used as a subcontractor to set a bathtub, a toilet, install a sink, or run new Plumbing for fixtures.


this is another common subcontractor that almost everybody knows about, these are the contractors that are used to install new lighting run wiring for the lighting switch out old lighting with new lighting or even replace switches. typically these subcontractors like to charge by the hour and not by the job, are usually set up an initial visit fee and then we'll charge an hourly rate for every hour after that.


a roofer is someone who and anything on top of your house. From taking off the old roof installing new trusses, shingles, tile, Soffit, Fascia, gutters. the only time I made this contractor is if you are replacing your roof or doing new construction. these contractors typically work off the bidding system, where you'll choose what type of material is you want such as three-dimensional shingles or flat tiles and they will take measurements and bid the job giving you a final price assuming there are no surprises underneath the current Roof.

flooring contractor

this doesn't my name altogether, this is a contractor who specializes in different flooring types such as carpet, luxury vinyl plank, hardwood floor, engineered flooring, laminate flooring, and tile. sometimes these contractors are also responsible for handling the baseboard and quarter round trim after they install the flooring. These contractors work off the bin system, where they will take measurements and give you an entire price for the flooring.


the carpenter is the most used contractor on any job these contractors are well-versed and probably one of the most expensive ones as it requires years of training and experience. Carpenters are responsible for a whole slew of items. here's a laundry list of different items that a carpenter can do or is responsible for on a job.

  • Framing

  • Baseboard

  • Flooring

  • Cabinets

  • bathroom vanities

  • crown molding

  • Siding

  • wood accent walls

  • custom woodwork, such as mudroom benches

  • Wall Removal and installation

  • Window Installation

  • Door Installation

Drywall Contractor

This contractor’s sole purpose is only three things, hanging /installing drywall, taping drywall joints and mudding, and finally texturing the new drywall. These contractors also work off a bdt process.


this contractor’s sole job is to do interior exterior paint, minor drywall repairs, hang wallpaper as well as remove wallpaper. Painting is one of the most expensive parts of any job because of the time-consuming nature it takes to do the detailed work that you may not see unless it's explained to you during a walk-through.

Masonry Contractor

Masonry contractors are used for laying brick and stone as well as pouring concrete foundations, patios and sidewalks. they are one of the least use subcontractors but having a good masonry contractor on your team is vital as someone who pours concrete poorly or incorrectly can lead to cracking and a short lifespan.


this contractor is the one that adds some of the most curb appeal to any property. Their job is anything outside that involves plants as well as sprinkler systems and irrigation. Some may also do fencing for you.


Architects are used for drawing floor plans for new construction, showing where new walls are to be placed or old walls are to be removed. Architects are what make your vision come alive on paper. A good on architecture is very important to a general contractor as we are the ones I have to read their plans and put that Vision that you had in your head from paper into real life. We love to work closely with our Architects during the entire project.


Engineers are used for the structural component of a remodeling project. Say you are removing a load-bearing wall, an engineer will come in do calculations and tell us what type of beam the size of the beam and where the beam needs to be placed an order for a load-bearing wall to be removed. They are also good for foundation work as well as different aspects that will require a structural change to Bear different types of weight.


designers are one of the least used team members out there. Most people think. They do not need a designer. However I will say hiring a designer is worth its weight in gold. They will help you layout kitchens, lunches cabinets door knob finishes paint finishes and every aspect of the finishing materials to make sure everything flows together well.

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